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Chairman of the Board

Dr. Varghese Kurian

Message from the Chairman

Bahrain has always been the beacon of modern health services in the Gulf for more than 120 years – precisely since the last decade of the 19th Century. Middle East HospitalIts unique situation as the gate to the Gulf for those coming from the Indian Subcontinent, China and South East Asian countries helped Bahrain to understand the needs of the entire area and created a mix between the Arab Heritage and the Asian culture. Today, the Middle East Hospital reincarnates the past, with a modern look. The hospital is considered among the most advanced in equipment, and staffed with the best qualified in the area, to generate a service that is highly demanded by the populous in Bahrain and beyond. Moreover, while it is the most equipped and staffed, it provides its services at affordable cost to individuals, corporates and insurance companies alike – thanks to modern management systems that emphasize efficiency and quality of care. This new Hospital constitutes an integral component of a health services group under the umbrella of Middle East Medical facilities, which include the Middle East Medical Centers in Al-Hidd, and Salmabad, with more facilities on the way to provide the needed medical care to the people. The Middle East Hospital provides trusted healthcare for life. Varghese Kurian Chairman of the Board

Emergency Treatment

  • The Middle East Hospital provides trusted healthcare for life. The hospital is an 85-bed acute general facility, and addresses the major medical problems facing the population in Bahrain and the Gulf. Through its 85-bedded unit with separate sections for males and females, in addition to two triage beds and consultation rooms for physicians. The department is ready to handle all types of accidents and emergency medical and surgical situations including but not limited to acute surgical conditions, acute medical conditions, trauma cases and pediatric emergencies. There is a separate section to handle emergency obstetrics and gynecology emergencies where patients are immediately shifted to the obstetrics department for initial assessment.

24/7 Services

  • We provide services on a 24-hour basis through our Emergency department and inpatient services, while the outpatient clinics operate six days a week - Sundays through Saturdays inclusive from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM and from 4:30 PM to 9:00 PM. The Operating theatres serve emergency and non-emergency patients on a 24-hour basis as well..

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