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Accident & Emergency

Accident & Emergency Department

  • The A & E department will deal with All Urgency & Emergency Cases attending the Hospital irrespective to its sub-specialties as our aim is dealing with any Patient in his/her emergency and Urgency Situation.
  • We work as a Team, handling the Patient Safely,  Zero Tolerance to Human Error, Good Communications with different Specialties, Disposing the Patient to Proper Sub-specialty after his/her Passing Safely his/her Emergency or Urgency Situation.
  • We deal with All Trauma cases, Cardiac attacks, Respiratory Difficulties, Asthma, Acute Pain, Fractures, ENT emergencies, Eye Emergencies, Initial           Management of Burns, Acute Abdominal Pain, Pediatric emergency and urgency cares as well as walk-in medical conditions like Gastro-enteritis, Croup, Cough, Fever, Febrile convulsions.
  • Regarding Obs/Gyne cases, we deal initially with different complaint during pregnancy, triaging the cases and proper disposing them to our Obs/Gyne department.

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