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Nephrology Department


 Middle East Hospital Nephrology Services offers comprehensive care for the full range of kidney disorders in adults and children. The combination of our dedicated faculty and state-of-the-art therapies ensures that every patient receives the highest quality care.

We treat a large variety of disorders including:

·         Diabetic kidney disease

·         High blood pressure with the ability to perform 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring when needed

·         Early detection, prevention and treatment of chronic kidney disease (CKD)

·         End stage renal disease (chronic kidney failure)

·         Acute kidney failure

·         Hemodialysis.

Dialysis Unit:

Middle East Hospital provides the state-of the -art dialysis unit with modern facilities. We utilize
high quality equipment such as HD machines, Reprocessing machine, Monitors, RO
from the top manufacturers, to provide the latest technology and equipment to
our patients.


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