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Pharmacy Department

Pharmacy Department

The Department of Pharmacy provides Outpatient, In-patient and Retail services to community of Bahrain, we are pleased to be of assistance with any of your needs.


Dedicated to provide best quality service for patients, users and caregivers.


Key Roles

  • Our Hospital pharmacists are experts in the field of medicines.
  • Check prescriptions to make sure there are no errors and that they’re appropriate and safe for the individual patient.
  • Provide advice on the dosage of medicines and the most appropriate form of medication.
  • Participate in ward rounds to take patient drug histories.
  • Make sure medicines are stored appropriately and securely.
  • Write guidelines for drug use within the hospital and implement hospital regulations
  • Provide Information on expenditure on drugs.

Advanced System

  • MEH pharmacy is fully computerized.
  • Patient’s prescription is viewed online and made ready before they come to the pharmacy.
  • Our System allows Pharmacist to view all the medications taken by the patient from different doctors in our hospital in different visits, and helps to prevent unnecessary miss use and repeat of the medications.
  • Also an allergy alarm is triggered ( if any ).

Contact us

  • info@mehealthcare.me
  • Emergancy 17362233
  • 24 Hours Open
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